What is a STEAM WEEK?

Science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) week at Springhall British School is an in house event for students to explore how things work through hands-on projects that are fun, educational and engaging.

STEAM Week enrichment activities are integrated into the school day, tailored for each grade level. Springhall also holds its annual STEM Fair during the week.
 This Year`s STEAM week started with a virtual assembly where we met a farm manager and a food art entrepreneur for DAY 1, this followed with HATS and Food art displays from pupils for day 2. The week ended with Maths competition and Year group science board competition… Winners were awarded with Certificates and congratulated at the the school s virtual assembly by the Head of Primary, MS. Cynthia Eubanks.
We celebrate the staff, pupils and the STEAM week team for making this year`s STEAM WEEK a huge success.