Admission Procedure

Admission Procedures

Our Admission Procedure

Dear Parent/Guardian,
Thank you very much for your interest and/or visit to our School. Please see the following notes which provide advice on our admissions procedure:
1. The new pupil enquiry form should be filled in and handed to School Admin Staff or the Registrar.

2. The prospective Parent/Guardian is given a tour of the school by the Registrar/Admin Officer.

3. An appointment is scheduled for the applicant to sit an assessment test (to assess suitable aptitude for the school, ability and areas for further development).
After this test has been written:
a) The Parent/Guardian will be invited to pick up a feedback letter from the front office (within 2 work-days)
b) This could be an offer letter (if the Assessment was satisfactory) or a nonacceptance letter (if the Assessment was below average)
c) An invoice is issued and fees paid and reconciled by the Accounts department.
d) A Registration Form and other school documentation should be completed and submitted.
e) Uniform fittings are concluded.


4. The registration form is completed and returned along with evidence of payment of fees to the school. The Registration form must be submitted with ;
a) A copy of the applicant’s Immunization record
b) A copy of the applicant’s Birth certificate or International passport (data page)
c) A Medical certificate of fitness for the applicant (from a reputable doctor/hospital)
d) A copy of the applicant’s last school report and transfer certificate (where applicable)
e) Two recent passport photographs
f) A copy of the visa page for international pupils.


5. The admission process is completed and the child is placed into a classroom at our
Springhall campus. Decision is at Managements’ discretion
based on class sizes and availability of space.

*Please note that whilst we empathise with children with Special Educational Needs and disabilities, we are
not a SEND specialist school and as such cannot accommodate children with severe learning/physical

Interested parents may call the school on +2349033888217  to book an appointment to see the school and/or have their child assessed for the most suitable class.

Thank you very much


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– Registrar`s Note

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