Book Week this year was certainly unique, with each day packed with insanely wacky activities both during and after school and most definitely all shades of magic.

Our ‘Magical Stories’ Book Week began with a most peculiar yellow path appearing in our playground. The children were full of questions about how and why this had appeared from our gate all the way to the court over the weekend. We kept all the children in suspense and decided to reveal all through a very special Springhall British School Drama Club adaptation of the classic children’s tale, ‘The Wizard of Oz’. Our amazing starring, Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Lion, the Witches and of course Toto the dog.

The children were thoroughly entertained as the story was retold and the cast were supported by Year 3 Toucan singing ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’, Year 1 Heron singing ‘Follow The Yellow Brick Road’ and the Springhall British School Choir Club with a medley of beautifully performed songs through the production. Of course, by the end of the story everybody realised that the strange path that had appeared was indeed the ‘Yellow Brick Road’. It was photo call time after the assembly as each class took a photograph on the ‘Yellow Brick Road’.

 The outdoor equipment area outside the administration block was transformed into 2 distinctively different magical

settings where children could go and read independently or have stories read to them by parents and teachers alike. Our school Library underwent a magical transformation of its own with a specially designed entrance and reading garden twinkling with magical fairy lights.

 Our launch day also offered all the children the opportunity to participate in our T-shirt design competition. The children arrived in a multitude of colourfully designed T-shirts with inspiring messages about reading. Even the teachers were not left out as they also joined in with the festivities.

 The children worked in their classes on specifically assigned magical stories being; George and the Dragon, The Magic Paintbrush, The Boy who Grew Dragons, The Wizard of Once, How to Train Your Dragon and The Hobbit for years one to six respectively.

 The heat was on as each class produced a finalist for the Spelling Bee Competition in the following age ranges;     Year 1 / 2, Year 3 / 4 and Year 5/6. With the last person standing in each age range emerging as the 2019 Spelling Bee Champions.

 The remainder of the week gave us lots of chances for crazy dress-up activities including ‘Hats on for Reading’ and ‘Crazy Socks Reading days. The children were able to gather towards the end of the week for a sharing assembly to showcase some highlights of what had been happening in classes.

 Our Book Week celebrations culminated in a wonderful whole school parade where all the staff and children dressed up in magical costumes which included, fairies, witches, knights, dragons and even unicorns to name but a few.

 Parents were invited into classes to see the children’s work and thereafter we had a School Bake Sale featuring all manner of cakes, candy floss, popcorn and other sweet treats. In addition to this we also had an Art Exhibition featuring work from children in all year groups.

 We had a Book Week to remember but couldn’t have succeeded without the unfailing support of our amazing parents and staff who made the entire week truly magical.