I’m considering your school for my Children and have the following questions.

  1. How early can kids be dropped off?

Our policy states drop off is at 7.30 am. However, pupils may be dropped off from 7.00am if there is an adult present in class to keep an eye on them.

  1. How late can the child be picked up?

In Early Years, the school day ends at 1.30pm and in Primary years at 2.30 pm. The club session (if your child is registered for it) will run for an hour thereafter. This is a regular school day.

  1. Do you offer after-school clubs/programs? Provide list of clubs

There is an after- school programme that runs till 5.30pm (Monday – Thursday) and 4.00 pm on a Friday. This comes at an additional fee of 40,000 per child/termly.

  1. How many children in a class? And how many teachers/adults

Our class numbers are 20 pupils maximum. In the Early Years classes, there are 3 adults in each class (including a French speaking adult)  and 2 adults in each of the primary classes.

  1. Does the school provide food? How many meals and what kind of diet? And what price? 

Yes, we provide an optional lunch service (1 meal only at lunch time). Please find a sample menu attached at the pupils section. Children registered in the after school scheme do get an additional snack.

  1. Do you teach swimming? At what age?

Swimming is part of our curriculum, for all children from 2 years of age and it is structured for once a month – weather permitting. Early years pupils swim at school in an over- ground pool while the primary pupils are transported to a swimming academy 5 minutes down the road.

  1. How many sports/extra curricular activities can a child do? Is it included in the fees?

A child may do 1 extra-curricular activity daily. This gives a maximum of 5 in a week. Clubs are a separate fee as they are not compulsory and different children want different things.

  1. How do you handle and prevent bullying and anti-social behaviour?

We have a zero-tolerance policy to bullying. We try hard to prevent it by educating the children properly about values and being good and kind, emphasising our school ethos, rewarding positive behaviour, ensuring children are never alone by themselves (they are always attended by adults) and if/when we do get the one-off reported case; the deputy head teacher gets involved. If need be, a child may be sanctioned and we also inform the parents.

  1. How are students placed in classes?

Our age policy requires that a child be placed correctly in order for them to achieve their potential with age appropriate activities and lessons. All children must be the following age by 1st September of the academic year of entry:

Bunny: 2 years (Playgroup)

Pony: 3 years (Nursery)

Dinosaur: 4 years (Reception)

Year 1: 5 years

  1. Does the school offer any holiday programs/activities for kids?

Not at the moment.

  1. Do you provide weekend/Saturday programs for kids? Provide list offered

At the moment, we have KS 2 football and reading club only on Saturdays.

12. What is the admission process

Parent visits the school and has a chat and gets a tour, assessment date is scheduled for the child, assessment is marked and parents informed of child’s admission or otherwise, child is situated either at Cradle to Crayon campus or Springhall Campus admission pack is picked up, fees are paid.

Any other useful info or differentiator.

  • Happy and safe school with a family/ community orientation.

  • Well- rounded, holistic curriculum with focus on academic, emotional, physical, psychological journey of the child.

  • Technology driven curriculum

  • Partnership with the French Institute to write DELF Exams

  • Well-qualified , friendly and caring staff team