National Day 2019 was celebrated at our school on the 27th of September in commemoration of Nigeria`s Independence from the British Empire on the 1st October 1960.

The pupils appeared in colourful Nigerian Traditional outfits.  Each year group represented one of the 6 geopolitical zones, while the Early Years pupils came out in attires from the 60`s.

We displayed the rich culture and traditions of the Ijesha, Bubar Bura, Igbo, Ibibio, Kanuri and Igala ethnic groups.

Our assembly showcased History, cultural beliefs, attires, dance, traditional marriage rites and a special highlight was one of our pupils on horseback role playing a Kanuri traditional leader was displayed for all to see.

The event was colourful and exciting.

God Bless Nigeria

We look forward to National Day 2020