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Special Needs

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Springhall ensures that daily activities are planned to include every child taking account of each child’s needs and abilities. Inclusion classes are available for children with Varying learning challenges and except in extreme cases of violence and threats to other members of the school, no child is excluded from learning at the school.
As part of the school’s policy, teachers are trained periodically to cope with basic challenges in learners and where there is a need for professional assistance the school may provide referrals and bring in therapist to work alongside the children.
We are equipped to deal with only a few diagnosed special education needs and admission will only depend on the school’s ability to meet a child’s needs.

special educational needs

Special Educational Needs Team

As a strong, committed and passionate team, we are looking forward to working with your child and supporting him/her to be the best they can be.  A learning need simply means we are different and can learn if the extra effort is made to teach us differently.

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To support the development of the whole child – intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically – through dynamic partnership among staff, families, and the greater community.

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