Pupils of Year 6 Gazelle conducted today’s whole school assembly and it was all shades of mathematics fun.

They dressed up in their beautiful costumes and made us feel like we were in maths land!

We learnt about the different mathematical functions from addition to subtraction, multiplication and division, how to carry out simple mathematical operations as well as buy and sell.

The Year 6 pupils also held their own quiz session involving pupils from key stage one and two. More to this, we learnt about the different ways people handle money; money gained is income, money gotten from savings in the bank is called Interest and the money our parents give to us is called pocket money.

We also heard an interesting story about a poor widow who despite being poor shared all she had with the needy.  Moved by the story, many of us made a resolve to share our toys, books, clothes and candy with our friends and the needy as well.

In Summary, spend, save, invest and Share.